ruō, ruere, ruī, rutum


  1. I hurry, rush, hasten, move quickly.
  2. I collapse, fall down.
  3. I fail, fall.
  4. I cast down; I hurl to the ground.


  1. Subjunctive Active Present Singular Second
  2. Subjunctive Passive Imperfect Plural First
  3. Indicative Passive Present Singular Second
  4. Subjunctive Active Present Plural First
  5. Subjunctive Active Imperfect Plural Second
  6. Subjunctive Passive Perfect Singular Third
  7. Subjunctive Passive Pluperfect Plural Third
  8. Subjunctive Active Perfect Singular Second
  9. Indicative Active Future Plural First
  10. Indicative Passive FuturePerfect Plural First