currō, currere, cucurrī, cursum


  1. (intransitive) I run.
  2. (intransitive) I hurry, hasten, speed.
  3. (intransitive) I move, travel, proceed.
  4. (transitive, of a race, journey, with accusative) I run.
  5. (transitive, with accusative) I travel through, traverse, run.


  1. Indicative Passive Perfect Singular First
  2. Indicative Passive Perfect Plural First
  3. Indicative Passive Present Plural Third
  4. Genitive Singular Neuter Passive Future Participle
  5. Subjunctive Active Imperfect Plural Third
  6. Imperative Singular
  7. Subjunctive Passive Pluperfect Singular Third
  8. Indicative Active FuturePerfect Plural First
  9. Indicative Active Perfect Singular Third
  10. Subjunctive Passive Perfect Plural First